Monday, 2 November 2015

Joyful Norfolk

Half term was a busy one for us, we started off by visiting my grandparents in Norfolk. We hadn't made any specific plans we were quite happy to just chill out and take each day as it came.

Having recently moved we were super excited to spend some time with my Gran and Grandad and explore more of Norfolk. It is hands down our favourite county we have visited (apart from Sussex, of course!) and we absolutely adore it every time we visit. The coastline is always so quiet, the towns are never really that busy and the countryside is nothing but breathtaking.

If it wasn't for our work and family commitments here in Sussex we would up and move in a flash. Although we didn't go in to Norwich this visit, it is one of my all time favourite cities too. I know i'm gushing, but we really do adore Norfolk!

I won't ramble too much, just leave you with a few of our favourite snaps from the 4 days we were there. I actually didn't take as many as I usually would, it was nice to just enjoy our time without putting that creative pressure on myself. I did however, video our week! You can have a nosey over on my YouTube channel right HERE!

Char x


  1. Such beautiful photos making the most of the gorgeous autumn weather. Your kids look like real outdoor kids, do pop over and join me for Country Kids, it is for all outdoor fun just like this.

    1. Aww thank you so much! They really are, we would all much rather be outdoors than inside! I'm going to pop over and have a browse right now! Thanks for stopping by x