Thursday, 1 October 2015

October goals

Wow, just when I thought my life was mental it seems to have gone up a gear on the busy front.
I have just finished watching the whole series of PLL and I am now not neglecting my children, my house is relatively tidy and I think I can remember where the hoover lives. The whole 6 seasons done in 3 weeks? I know, i'm pretty bloody proud of myself. Life goal completed.

Studying, work, being a mum, being a wife seem to have jumped queue in front of personal photography in September. I am still finding my feet with this studying lark and now the kids are all back at school and pre school we seem to be rushing here there and everywhere and I haven't even picked up my camera ONCE for personal use since the first day of school.

So in spite of all of the above, I've decided to knock out a few October goals to motivate me back into normal life and not crazymentalbusyheadlesschicken life.

1. Take my camera out on all dog walks.
2. Video half term week.
3. Keep my nails freshly painted.
4. HAVE A BATH. Just one. One would be amazing.
5. Bake.

That wasn't so boring in my head....

Everyone bangs on about Autumn being fantastic and i'm over here all 'fuck sake it takes at least 3.5 minutes longer to get out the door with all the extra layers now' and 'wahoo heating bill' and 'my skin is dry and minging' and 'wonderful, takes even longer for my washing to dry now'. DO ONE AUTUMN, I'M NOT HAPPY THAT YOU'RE HERE AND I WANT SUMMER BACK.


Char x

Okay I do quite like the change in colour and getting away with my love for wearing dark clothes, and the evening light. But still... IT'S COLD.

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